Cumbernauld Early Years

Moving To Cumbernauld
Moving house is reported to be one of the most stressful activities we undertake in our lifetimes. Of course that depends on your viewpoint, and I suspect for most kids it's exciting rather than stressful. Click here to read my childhood memory of our family's move to Cumbernauld.
Cumbernauld High School (1)
Cumbernauld High School was the first secondary school to be built by the Cumbernauld Development Corporation in the new town. As something of a showpiece, it was finished to a higher standard than most schools built at that time and featured teak and mahogany hardwood finishes throughout. CLICK HERE to read my memories of being part of the very first year to attend the new school.
Cumbernauld High School (2)
The second part of the early years of Cumbernauld High School. CLICK HERE for part two of my memories of the school when it had just opened.

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