Maisie Miles The Music Teacher
(by Morag Norman nee White)

Maisie wrote the first school song. "We enter in these doors with pride and each must play a part." I know this song by heart, we sang it in assembly for years. My sister and I drove by the school a few years back and I sang the song start to finish, she was amazed I remembered it. Pupils I remember Esther Kirkwood, Janette Carson, Ann Henderson, David Mcartney, Alex Campbell, Myra White, Esther Low, & Colin Watson. Whatever happened to Hector the Rector? I still have the class photos, ahh, memories are made of this.



Maisie was the original music teacher and had her classroom in the village school whilst the new High School building was still under construction. After the completion of the new building ready for the 1965/66 school year, Maisie, along with everyone else moved to the new building. But as the number of pupils at the school grew, additional teachers were required. and Mr. Pickup arrived as the new Head of the Music Department. It is my recollection that it was he who wrote the school song and I certainly remember him bashing it out on the piano at morning assembly. Who do other former pupils remember as the author of the song?

As far as I remember the words went like this.

We enter in these gates with pride and each must play a part
To cultivate the muses nine before we shall depart
We'll sing the praises of our school with voices raised on high
And on the name of Cumbernauld we'll cause no stain to lie to lie
We'll cause no stain to lie.

I think there was at least one other verse but I'm afraid my memory isn't that good.


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