My Days At Cumbernauld High
(by John Gibson)

Reading your story of Cumbernauld High, I remember many of the teachers' names you mention, like "King Kong" and Mr Brown, although the head teacher when I was there was Mr James Mearns.

The deputy was Mr Sinclair, who looked a bit like Bela Lugosi (Dracula films). He was fearsome, loud and had a bit of a stutter.

There was also "Shaky Joe". I can't remember his real name but he always seemed nervous. I was called into his office one day for getting caught playing "pitch and toss" down the bike sheds. He gave me a bollockin' but he also snapped his pencil in half whilst playing with it. The good ol' days eh!


Regarding "Shaky Joe", were you referring to Big Joe Henery, who was the Principal physics teacher when I was there? I seem to remember him trembling on occasion, but I doubt if he was of a nervous disposition - his size alone was enough to guarantee good behaviour in the classroom, but I guess he may have had a physical issue with his nervous system. Big Joe was a regular for many years in the lounge of the Red Comyn, I remember his favourite tipple was bottled German lager - long before it became fashionable.


Yes to your question, about Shaky Joe. His name was Mr Henry or Hendry.

And yes, I remember he was a big bloke and you would think he was very intimidating but he always seemed nervous when he spoke to you. I was at C/nauld High school from 1971 - 1976


John Gibson

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